Things To Do In York

There is no single way to describe the city of York, but any descriptors are likely include the historic appeal of the place. There are good reasons for this of course given that the Romans, Normans and Vikings have all left their indelible impressions on the city but it perhaps Medieval York which most stirs the imaginations of visitors as they wind their way through the Snickelways and the Shambles or get a better view from atop the old city walls. It would be a mistake however to think of this as a fixed snapshot in history for the city is a lively place, buzzing with possibilities for arts leisure and entertainment and anyone looking for things to do in York will have no shortage of options.

Checking out the historical aspects of the city is easy just by walking around. The tea rooms, shops and boutiques of the Shambles exude all the character and ambience of their age, some as old as the 14th century, and there are walking tours available which will shine some light on the main points of interest. For a more in depth look into the past there are numerous museums, including the York Castle Museum, Yorkshire Museum, National Railway Museum, and the Jorvik Viking Centre. Theatre, live music and cinema provide for additional things to do in York and the City Screen Cinema has a great bar and lovely location overlooking the river.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants in the city and numerous accommodation options, ranging from classic old hotels to homely bed and breakfasts. As well as a great city break destination for couples, there are lots of things to do in York for family holidays, from ten pin bowling to the zoo and attractions of Flamingo Land. The city also makes an ideal base for wider travel in the Yorkshire area.
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